About Fish (The Person)

Fish Davidson (he/him) is an author, game designer, and creative consultant living in the American South. His areas of focus are the development of non-traditional protagonists, disability activism, speculative fiction, procedural generation, and the role of randomness in the creative process

He is is the author of Power Frank, an absurdist fantasy novel about a man whose superpower is the ability to open any jar and his attempts to save his hometown from destruction after a cake delivery goes horribly wrong. It features a disabled main character who doesn't have to overcome his disability to prove his worth or serve as an inspiration to others because he lives with a disability.

Fish has also created several independent resources for tabletop role-playing games, as well as a high-concept book of games that use memories of the player's dreams as a central part of gameplay. His favorite fish is the Atlantic Mackerel.

To determine what Fish is doing in his spare time, roll a six-sided die and consult the table below. 

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headshot of the author, who is a man with prominent facial hair and glasses, standing in front of mural

Image credit of an Atlantic Mackerel belongs to NOAA Fisheries.

About Fish (The Mackerel)

The Atlantic Mackerel is a small migratory fish that is a staple of commercial fishing. It is prized for its flavorful meat, and is a much more sustainable option than other popular fish like tuna and salmon. The variable stripes on its back are an example of Turing patterns, which are created when two homogeneous substances intermingle at different rates and eventually reach a point of stability that results in a pattern of spots or stripes.

An absurd tale of a cake delivery gone wrong, a herd of destructive hogs, and a superhero whose only power is the ability to open any jar.

Need help or inspiration with fleshing out your fictional world? Breathe some life into your creations with random tables and generators created by Fish!

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